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Shiba Army is the first collection of 10,000 shiba bots living on the ethereum blockchain in bot army club. Our vision is to create BOTVERSE family which will help human in the physical and digital world as well. Bot Army is the human helper in their daily life activities that will bring out the work efficiency and bring peace and joy to the world. Shiba bot army is our first bot army which will be joined by other bot army later on.


Though sometimes it is essential to adapt Botmap based on Community feedback and unexplored opportunities to catch up with fast paced NFT and for the Community profit. While our foucs will remain unchanged, we may update our Botmap time to time as we deliver some of the upcoming items and learn from experience and best interest of our Community.

Phase 1

Shiba Bot Army

Website, Discord & Social Setup

Launch Shiba Bot Army NFT

Bot Army App For Community

Phase 2

Doge Bot Army

Launch Bot Army Store

Launch Doge Bot Army NFT

Phase 3

Human Bot Army

Launch Human Bot Army NFT

Metaverse Land For Community

Phase 4

Alien Bot Army

Launch Alien Bot Army NFT

Metaverse Indie Game Dev Begin

Phase 5

Utility Expansion

Launch Metaverse Game

More Coming Soon


What is Shiba Bot Army?

Shiba Bot Army is the first collection of algorithmically generated shiba character designed by pratik and minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st generation of 10,000 shiba is constructed from various eyewears,mouth, body, side accessory, neck accessory and tails.

What Do I get by purchasing Shiba Bot?

You get different image assets of your shiba bot, including an animated GIF, png set whcih will be accessed through an upcoming mobile app.

Is there a Discord?

Yes it is. Right now we are giving limited number of invite to our discord, please follow us on twitter to join our community.

Why I should own Bot Army Club NFT collection?

Apart from cute, nice and high quality nft art, as a holder of bot army nft you will have access to close knit community, excluisve giveaways, discount for store and much more. Our focus is to build a BOTVERSE community and create unique army for our community which will help to increase their joy and money as well.

What is NFT?

NFT means Non Fungible Token, NFTs are individual tokens with valuable information stored in them. Because they hold a value primarily set by the market and demand, they can be bought and sold just like other physical types of art. But it can also offer additional benefits like exclusive access to websites, event tickets, game items, and ownership records for physical objects.Think of it as a unique piece of art that can also work as a "holder-only" card. Bot Army works like this.

How Do I buy Bot Army NFT?

Minting for our fist collection Shiba Bot Army will open soon, please follow us on twitter to get notified when will the sell begin.




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